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Students, faculty and staff from across campus gathered at the Brown-Lupton University Union on April 27, 2023 for the annual Honors College Banquet. The college celebrated 60 years of Honors at TCU and the accomplishments of the Honors College community. Awards commended students and faculty on their scholarship, integrity and creativity.

Five Honors students stand shoulder-to-shoulder
Ron Pitcock poses with four Honors student, all giving the Go Frogs hand sign
Honors student speaks from the lecturn during the banquet


TCU Honors Scholar Award

Recipients: Alexis Davis and Autumn Rae Henry

TCU Honors Scholar Award Grant supports students’ unique and creative endeavors, on or off campus, in alignment with the mission of the Honors College.

Honors College Heritage Scholarship

Recipient: Khanh Pham

The Honors College Heritage Scholarship, also known as the Milard E. “Pete” Mulry Scholarship, was established in 2017 by Dr. Mary Mulry, ’72 and Harold Hammett in memory of Mary’s father, TCU class of 1949.

Bob & Alice Frye Scholarship

Recipient: Savannah Childs

The Bob and Alice Frye Scholarship, provided by the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Weaver, former students and friends of Dr. Frye’s, was established in 2017 as a way to enable students to receive an education at TCU.

Boller Competition Awards

Boller Award Winner

Ellen Brown

Boller Award Honorable Mentions

Allison Regan & Caledonia Strelow

Boller Award Finalists

Ellen Brown, Peter Christopherson, Jordan Crupper, Mary Langford, Joseph Mellberg, Mariana Nguyen, Rose Nhung, Allison Regan, Diego Rivera, Dezirae Rodriguez, Olivia Satkiwicz and Caledonia Strelow

The Boller Award was established in 1982 in memory of Rev. and Mrs. Paul F. Boller by Dr. Paul Boller, professor of history at TCU. This award is given for the most outstanding presentation of a Departmental Honors project.

Learn about all the finalists' research

Wassenich Founder’s Medal

Wassenich Founder’s Medal Winner

Julianne Tai

Wassenich Founder’s Medal Runner-Up

Alexis Davis

The Wassenich Founder’s Medal was established in honor of Dr. Paul Wassenich, former TCU professor of religion and founder and first director of the TCU Honors Program. To compete for this award, one must submit a substantial scholarly work. Submissions may be in the form of research papers or essays; collections of original poetry; or artistic or musical creations accompanied by interpretive commentary. Entries must reflect some of the characteristics of Dr. Wassenich, and some part of the entry should have a “first person” component, reflecting one’s own values in reference to the subject.

Honors Professor of the Year

2023 Honors Professor of the Year

Zackary Hawley, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics

Honors Professor of the Year Finalists

Jeffery Coffer, Antoinette DeNapoli, Robert Garnett and Todd Kerstetter

For over 60 years, Honors students have been recognizing an outstanding faculty member as Honors Professor of the Year. Using a two-stage process coordinated by the Honors Student Cabinet, students have the opportunity to vote for an Honors professor who has made an impact on their lives and then vote again from a list of finalists. Honors students select the faculty member who best exemplifies excellence in teaching – a passionate, creative teacher who brings their subject to life, helps students learn to see and engage the world differently, works with students to develop their own ideas and questions, and shows a genuine concern for students’ well-being.

Q&A with 2023 Professor of the Year

The Honors College thanks 2022 Professor of the Year, Samuel Ross, Ph.D., for giving the keynote address during the banquet. Ross is an assistant professor of religion at TCU and teaches courses on the Qur’an, Islam and the modern Muslim world.