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Board of Visitors

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The Board of Visitors is a group of alumni, parents and friends who counsel and provide resources to the John V. Roach Honors College at Texas Christian University. The Board’s mission is to strengthen the efforts of the Honors College by supporting and modeling the values of lifelong learning, thoughtful citizenship, ethical leadership and responsible engagement in local, national and global issues.

  • Dr. David Archer (1969)
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Mr. Jay Case (1977)
    Chicago, IL
  • Mr. Christian Ellis (1995)
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Mr. Gary Fowler (1981)
    Dallas, TX
  • Dr. Melissa Garretson (1989)
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Mr. David Gattis (1980)
    Benbrook, TX
  • Mr. Gary Henderson (1975)
    Bellaire, TX
  • Mr. George Henderson (1969)
    Austin, TX
  • Ms. Janet (Curby) Hubbell (1964)
    Aledo, TX
  • Mr. Joshua Long (2007)
    Houston, TX
  • Mrs. Franci (Mistrot) Moses (1965)
    Dallas, TX
  • Dr. Mary Mulry (1972)
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Ms. Linda Newman (1971)
    Dallas, TX
  • Mr. Larry Parsons (1983)
    Temple, TX
  • Rev. Tom Plumbley (1976)
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Ms. Sneha Popley (2010)
    Cambridge, MA
  • The Honorable Thomas Pressly (2009)
    Shreveport, LA
  • Dr. James Register (1981)
    Ames, IA
  • Ms. Andrea Twiss-Brooks (1982)
    Chicago, IL
  • Mr. Mark Wassenich (1964)
    Dallas, TX
  • Mr. Tim Weaver (1972)
    Dallas, TX
  • Rev. Dr. Roger Wedell (1970)
    Dallas, TX