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Honors Abroad 2024

Honors Abroad 2024: Games and Culture in Japan

Games and Culture in Japan - Summer 2024

We are excited to announce Wendi Sierra, Ph.D. and Jason Helms, Ph.D.,  will be leading a study abroad trip in Japan in summer 2024. This course will explore both the culture of gaming in Japan and how Japanese culture is represented in video games. Participants will explore the history of video games, including the rise of two of gaming's biggest companies, Nintendo and Sony, and learn about how Japanese culture has shaped their business practices. Watch the Interest Session Recording here. For more information and Application dates, please visit TCU Global


Cultural Routes: Rome - Honors Abroad Spring Break

Honors Cultural Routes: Rome will explore the cultures and histories that gave rise to our current understanding of Rome.  More specifically, students will explore intensely the eternal city to understand how this unique urban center—sometimes referred to a historical lasagna—was and continues to be shaped by philanthropic acts associated with religious, political, and cultural movements. Students will spend time traveling throughout Rome and interacting with locals.  Employing a traveling classroom that privileges experiential learning, this spring-break study will challenge students to extend their understanding of themselves and their capabilities to a more global perspective, one where they regard themselves as part of a larger global narrative and where they begin to imagine the ways in which they can help change the world. Join Ron Pitcock, Ph.D. Dean and Stacy Landreth-Grau, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the John V. Roach Honors College on this exciting experience. For more information, click here. To apply, please visit TCU Global