Upper-Division Honors

Students who complete Upper-Division requirements earn the Paul and Judy Andrews Honors Scholar distinction.

To complete Upper-Division Honors, students may pursue either University Honors or Departmental Honors, or both.

University Honors (12 hours)

To complete University Honors, students take four Honors Colloquia.

Honors Colloquia are small, discussion-based courses in which professors challenge students to examine, think critically about, and analyze broad topics. Outside of class, students read a variety of assigned texts, which may include short stories, novels, poetry, and non-fiction. In class, they engage in thought-provoking discussions while trying to make sense of the human experience: past, present, and future. While participating in the four Honors Colloquia, students examine a range of social, cultural, philosophical, and metaphysical issues. Students pursuing University Honors sharpen their ability to think creatively and critically, analyze and solve problems, and articulate thoughts and ideas clearly. Course offerings include On Human Nature, Nature of Values, and Nature of Society, among others.

Departmental Honors (usually 6 hours but varies by department)

Students who pursue Departmental Honors complete a research or creative project in their respective major discipline and write a Departmental Honors Project. A student may complete Departmental Honors in any academic discipline in which TCU offers a bachelor’s degree. Students who complete Departmental Honors hone their research and writing skills, work closely with faculty members who serve as mentors, think critically about the topic at hand, participate in creative inquiry, and plan, manage, and complete a large-scale academic project that culminates in the Departmental Honors Project. Senior Honors students present their projects publicly, and upon completion, the thesis is housed in the TCU Library.


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