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Cultural Visions Courses

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Not every course is offered every semester. For course availability, consult the TCU Class Search.

Course Number Course Name TCU Core
ANTH 20623 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Honors section**) SSC and CA or GA
ARHI 10043 Introduction to Art History (Honors section**) FAR and CA
CRES 10103 Engaging Difference and Diversity in America (Honors section**) CA or CSV
DANC 10453 Dance in World Cultures (Honors section**) FAR and CA
ENGL 20213 Global Women’s Literature (Honors section**) HUM and GA or LT
ENGL 20913 Honors Literature and Civilizations I HUM and LT
ENGL 20923 Honors Literature and Civilizations II HUM and GA or LT
ENSC 20003 Astrobiology: Hunting for Habitable Worlds (Honors section**) CSV
GEOG 10003 World Regional Geography (Honors section**) SSC and GA
GRMN 20973 Honors Afterlife of Greek Tradition HUM and LT
GRMN 20983 Honors Afterlife of Roman Tradition HUM and HT
HNRS 20103 Africa through Film CA or GA
HNRS 20113 College Life and Identity HUM and CA
HNRS 20213 Language, Communication, and Cultural Identity HUM and CA
HNRS 20233 Gender and Sexuality in History and Literature HUM and CA or LT
HNRS 20243 Culture, Literature, and Adaptations HUM and LT
HNRS 20403 Faith and Social Movements RT or CSV
HNRS 20503 Exploring Cultural Contact Zones HUM and GA
HNRS 20613 Race and Sports HUM and CSV
HNRS 20813 Philosophy and Science of Social Justice HUM and CA
HNRS 20913 U.S. Cultural Memory - History HUM and HT
HNRS 20923 U.S. Cultural Memory - Literature HUM and LT
HNRS 30533 Happiness: Culture, Economics, and Being CA
PHIL 10103 Honors Mind, Meaning, and Morality HUM and CSV
RELI 10023 Understanding World Religions (approved Honors sections) HUM and RT
RELI 20503 Honors Africa and the African Diaspora I HUM and RT
RELI 20513 Honors Africa and the African Diaspora II HUM and RT
RELI 20573 Honors Defining the Nation: China and India in Crisis HUM and RT or CA

**For Honors Cultural Visions credit, you must take the Honors section of these courses.  Honors classes have a section number that begins with “6” (examples: 620, 635, 640, etc.)

TCU Study Abroad Programs and Honors Abroad Programs  

Students can fulfill Honors Cultural Visions requirements by studying abroad through a TCU-approved program or by participating in an Honors Abroad experience. It does not matter which subjects students study while abroad (e.g., art, history, economics, business, language, religion, science, etc.); the experience of studying abroad (or traveling with the Honors College on an approved Honors Abroad program) fulfills 1-2 Honors Cultural Visions requirements. For more information about TCU-sanctioned study abroad programs (including Partner Programs), see

  • TCU-sanctioned summer study abroad program (including Partner Programs) = ONE Honors Cultural Visions
  • Honors Abroad experience = ONE Honors Cultural Visions
  • TCU-sanctioned fall or spring study abroad program (including Partner Programs) = TWO Honors Cultural Visions