Dr. Wendy Williams

Associate Professor of Professional Practice

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is Associate Professor of Professional Practice in the Honors College at Texas Christian University. She earned an M.A. in English (Baylor) and a Ph.D. in English and Certificate of Women’s Studies (TCU).

Her courses encourage students to participate actively in the community and engage cultures unlike their own. By gaining awareness of different perspectives, students increase their capacity for empathy and self-discovery.

Her assimilation of multi-cultural perspectives in the classroom stems from her experience teaching at a Japanese university for six years and traveling around the world. Throughout her academic career, Dr. Williams traveled throughout six continents in over 45 countries. These experiences taught her the value of learning from unfamiliar worldviews.

In 2014, Dr. Williams was named Honors Professor of the Year.

Dr. Williams’s research interests include nineteenth-century British literature and culture, poetry, and gender studies. She has written several articles on George Eliot’s poetry. Her book, George Eliot, Poetess (2014), explores Eliot’s reliance on a poetess tradition that was deeply invested in religion and feminine sympathy.

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