Welcome Letter to Students from Dean Snow

September 7, 2016

“Tell me, and I’ll forget
Show me, and I’ll remember
Involve me, and I’ll understand”

                                                        – Chinese proverb

Welcome, Honors Students!

I hope you had a great summer, full of adventures and fun, and are ready to dig in. I’m delighted to have the privilege of serving as the new dean of the Honors College, and am excited to welcome you.

As the Honors College grows and develops, it gets better and better. You have so much to look forward to and I look forward to all the great things we can do together.

As you well know, you are a part of a close Honors family. The staff members of that family have taken great strides to make sure your time in the Honors College provides you with everything you need to grow and succeed – challenges, opportunities, and personal adventures. You have access to stellar faculty to educate you, guide you, and provide you with mentorship; you’ll stretch yourself in ways you did not know possible and continue to meet inspirational people, and you’ll further develop your sense of community and a greater world view.

As you continue on your TCU journey, be sure to take time for gratitude.  So many people have been behind you – family, friends, colleagues – and have made sacrifices for you to experience this opportunity.  Thank them often. As your “village” grows, always remember your roots.

Membership in the Honors community carries with it many wonderful opportunities and privileges, but, as Chancellor Boschini often reminds you, this privilege is not free. As an Honors student, there are expectations and responsibilities. We expect you to “dive in” and take advantage of all that TCU has to offer. Be the student who is brave, out-going, and adventuresome.  Vow to learn as much outside the classroom as in it. Go to public lectures and panel discussions. Go to movie screenings on campus. Support the arts. Go off campus and into downtown Ft. Worth. Practice gratitude and appreciation.  Show kindness and compassion. Be open to new possibilities.  Take a class that sounds interesting to you, but a subject you know nothing about – it could change your life. Take yourself out of your academic comfort zone – that’s how you’ll grow and become a more capable and confident person. Take care of your body so you can take care of your mind. Do something purely for fun each and every day. Cultivate joy! It’s easy to forget to do that when you’re busy, but it’s vital to make space for it in your life and develop healthy routines now.  Seek to build inner character. In short, cultivate your best self – in every way.

Honors welcomes you and is here to help. Our doors are always open!

Best of luck to you in 2016-17,





Diane M. Snow, PhD
Dean and Mark Wassenich Endowed Chair
John V. Roach Honors College


John V. Roach Honors College
2855 Main Drive
Scharbauer Hall 1016

John V. Roach Honors College
TCU BOX 297022
Fort Worth, TX 76129