Tick-Talk: Dean’s First-Year Leadership Team Talks about Time Management

October 28, 2015

By Hayley Zablotsky / John V. Roach Honors College

Got a second? The new Dean’s First-Year Leadership Team has some timely tips, based on its recent workshop on time management. The workshop included both a roundtable of sophomore Honors students and a presentation by Ashley Edwards from Academic Services on ways of staying organized, even when super-busy. At the close of the workshop, participants took a few moments to write about their take-aways so those ideas could be shared with the broader audience of Honors students.

It’s All a Balancing Act

“The most important thing I’ll take away from today is that it’s okay to have times where you completely forget about school. These times are important because of how they lower stress and make you happier. It was good hearing that it’s okay to take Saturday off as long as you are productive on other days when you need to be.”
– Cooper Gould, a mechanical engineering major

“I can be involved in multiple organizations and still have decent time for my studies. It’s reassuring.”
– Angelica Hernandez, an English major

“The most important thing I learned from today is that it is okay to take breaks, but make sure you get your work done.”
– Becky Owens, a pre-major

We’re All in This Together

“I feel more relaxed when I listen to others that are going through the same or similar struggles as me.”
– Caroline Cajas, a biochemistry major

“It was really great to hear from the student panel — I felt like they really related to my current situation.”
– Melanie Webb, a strategic communication major

Prioritize Prioritizing

“I learned that you NEED to say ‘no’ sometimes. Choose events you want to go to and pass on ones you are not that passionate about.”
– Kameron Reyes, a business major

Know Thyself

“When working on homework, try to schedule it for times when you are most awake.”
– Owens

Ashley Edwards is Awesome

“[The biggest take-away was] all the advising resources, especially Ms. Edwards for political science first years. It’s great to have her card so I can schedule a meeting.”
– Lauren Gilman, a political science major

For more information on Academic Services, check out their website here http://www.acs.tcu.edu/

The Dean’s First-Year Leadership Team learned these great tips and strategies from a visiting panel of sophomores. The panel consisted of Rebecca Gonzalez (computer science and business double degree), Landon Hendrickson (biology major on the pre-health track), Josh Jackson (religion major with double minors in business and Spanish), and Christiane Catoe (ballet and political science double major with arts administration minor on the pre-law track).

“I think it was an amazing opportunity to get to share my successes and mistakes with eager-to-learn first-year students,” Gonzalez said after the panel.

Additionally, Edwards talked with the first-year students about some planning and time prioritizing techniques.

TCU students say again and again how fast their time on campus goes by. The First-Year Leadership Team is learning to make the most of this precious time.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot,” said Michael Altshuler.

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