Promoting Healing After the Election

December 2, 2016

Show compassion.

Be sensitive to others.

Listen and learn.

These are just some of the answers presented by students to the question: “How can we promote healing as individuals after the election?” Dr. Ashley English, Assistant Professor in the Strategic Communications Department, put large sheets of paper on the wall outside her office and asked students to write their thoughts on sticky notes and attach them to the wall. Other responses she received include: Voice opinions in a mature way; Do not devalue others and their opinions; Find positives rather than negatives; Choose to love.

Dr. English also asked students to consider how TCU can accomplish the same mission. Suggestions she received were: Encourage open discussions and informative seminars; Find ways to bring people together; Celebrate our diversity; Peacefully express ourselves.

Finally, Dr. English encouraged students to think about how we as a nation can move forward. One student wrote that the key is to focus on common goals, while another reminded us to always support one another. Others suggested prioritizing listening to each other and respecting the validity of all opinions.

Following a particularly trying and contentious election, it is important to keep these suggestions and ideals in mind. After competing for so long, we must come together for the benefit of our nation and our future. We must hold true to our beliefs and standards as a country and work for a better tomorrow.

Be willing to listen.

Be respectful of other’s opinions and views.

Unite and be kind.

A collection of pictures is featured below, including two of Honors students DeMicheal Robinson, Landon Hendrickson, Kat Klein, and Josh Witkop, each of whom contributed to the wall.





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