Honors Student Spotlight: Kynnedi Rone

March 30, 2021

Junior Honors student Kynnedi Rone strives to pursue intentionality, honesty, and authenticity as she excels both in and out of the classroom. Kynnedi is pursuing University Honors, as well as a double major in Psychology and Strategic Communication, and hopes to enter the field of lifestyle and brand management for high profile athletes after graduation.

Kynnedi has completed both lower and upper division Honors. She says classes like Empathy, Race and Sports, and U.S. Schooling in Society are filled with “professors and peers who expect you to show up with your A-game.” Through coursework that Kynnedi says is “intense in all the best ways,” she has found a heightened confidence, a new perspective, and a desire to think for herself.

Kynnedi has also experienced the Honors College through Milton Daniel Hall and Honors Study Abroad. She considers living in Milton during freshman year as “one of the first things she appreciated about TCU.” She also served as a Resident Assistant in the dorm as a sophomore. During the Honors Study Abroad experience Cultural Routes, which took place after her freshman year, Kynnedi says she enjoyed the opportunity to “learn beyond the four walls of the classroom” and building a “genuine appreciation of the cultures we interacted with.” Kynnedi says the profound opportunity to get outside of her comfort zone and appreciate cultural differences in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy has enhanced her experiences on campus.

She is the president and founder of the women’s Club Basketball team, and she claims this team as her “baby” on campus. The team of 15 women practices weekly and travels to games and tournaments throughout Texas. Kynnedi says that although building something from the ground up holds its challenges, including writing a constitution, procuring funding, and making a plan for the sustainability of the club, the connections and friendships afforded by the organization have greatly rewarded Kynnedi and her team members.

Similarly, Kynnedi says that her involvement in Amplify Women in Sales represents her process of maturing throughout college. Amplify Women in Sales is an initiative of the TCU Sales Center that seeks to empower women through peer-to-peer collaboration, mentor connection, and networking. Kynnedi serves in a Sales Brand Management role and has been tasked with forging and upholding the brand of the initiative and building a network of leaders in the industry.

With another year left at TCU, Kynnedi plans to continue applying her values-based lifestyle and ambition to her involvements on campus as she looks toward beginning a career in lifestyle and brand management.

Written by Gabby Douthitt

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