Honors Alum’s Priceless Donation Goes Viral

July 28, 2016

Holding a sign reading “Heard urine need of a kidney, want mine?,” Graham McMillan (a 2014 Honors Laureate of TCU) surprised his friend Danny Kolzow (a 2015 TCU graduate) a month ago with good news: he had a compatible kidney that he was willing to donate to Kolzow. The two became friends at TCU and kept in touch after graduating. Once McMillan knew that he was a kidney match, he surprised his friend at Baylor All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth, where Kolzow works as a nurse.

The story went viral.

The Vimeo video has received over 800,000 hits since it was published and placed the spotlight on this wonderful encounter before their surgeries took place on Wednesday, July 27th in the same hospital. After successful surgeries, the families of both men released a joint statement: “Danny and Graham are recovering, doing well and praising Jesus. We have felt loved, encouraged and cared for by the hospital staff. Praise God for his faithfulness through this process. Thank you for the many prayers that have been answered.” They are both still recovering as of July 28th.

The odds of a kidney match amongst non-relatives is fairly slim, which is one of the things that makes the encounter between McMillan and Kolzow special. In a separate video posted two weeks ago, Kolzow shared his excitement in receiving the news from his friend and was looking forward to the July 27th surgery. “It is amazing timing how God is providing in these final hours with Graham’s kidney.” Kolzow was born with a rare kidney disorder and was just weeks away from starting dialysis because he was entering into kidney failure. With McMillan’s match and his willingness to donate, Kolzow feels as if his life has changed forever.

We are happy to hear Danny and Graham are doing well and hope they’re back on their feet soon!


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