Honors Heads to the Fiesta Bowl: Q&A with George Kamar

December 20, 2022

We spoke to Honors students traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, to represent TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. George Kamar ’25 plays quads in the drum line of the TCU Marching Band. He is a film, television, and digital media major with digital culture and data analytics minors. George answered questions about his experience balancing academics in the Honors College with his extracurriculars supporting the Horned Frogs during their record-breaking football season. 

The drum line warming up with the alumni line (silver drums) before the Tarleton State game

How has the Honors College impacted your TCU experience? 

The Honors College has allowed me to take a more challenging curriculum and provided me with opportunities that can further my knowledge of the world around me. It has also connected me with dedicated students in an active classroom environment where all the students participate and have thoughtful discussion. 

The full percussion section after band camp in August 2022

How do you balance your extracurriculars and academics? 

It has been difficult to balance band with my course load, but I know how my schedule works and what needs to be prioritized on a weekly basis. I try not to let one affect the other, and my time in band has forced me to learn how to deal with a tight and often busy schedule. 

What has been your favorite game day memory of the season? 

My favorite game day memory is either the field goal at the Baylor game or the Oklahoma State game. These were both thrilling games that came down to the wire – like most games this season were. The fact that I could be there to witness nearly the entire season has made my semester all the better. 

What are you looking forward to at the College Football Playoffs? 

I’m looking forward to watching some great football games! I’m glad that the band can travel to these games; a trip like this is something I looked forward to when I joined the band. Being able to perform in an NFL stadium is really cool, and I’m hoping we can perform in two of them this break! 

The end of the TCU halftime show at Baylor

What makes you proud to go to the Fiesta Bowl? 

The band has put so much work into what we do, and I’d say we are the most energetic band – both on and off the field. Showing off our dedication to spirit and the football team over the past five months makes me proud to be a part of the College Football Playoffs. 

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity. 

We are excited to watch the TCU Horned Frogs take on the Michigan Wolverines at the Fiesta Bowl at 3 p.m. CST Saturday, Dec. 31. Go Frogs! 

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