Dr. Mikio Akagi

Assistant Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science; College Diversity Advocate

Mikio Akagi is Assistant Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science in the Honors College at Texas Christian University. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, and holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Swarthmore College and an MSc from the University of Edinburgh in the Philosophy of Mind, Language, and Embodied Cognition.

Dr. Akagi’s teaching focuses on critical reasoning, so that students learn to think carefully and cogently about abstract topics like the value of science and the nature of disease. His classes are designed for students of all interests, so that liberal arts and professional students acquire a more sophisticated understanding of the sciences, and science students acquire a different perspective on the sciences and their relation to the rest of society.

As a researcher, Dr. Akagi works on topics at the intersection of the philosophy of science and philosophy of language. His current research concerns the development of scientific concepts, especially where scientists disagree about precisely what their concepts mean or how to use them properly. He develops logical resources for describing controversial concepts like cognition and representation, and for understanding the ways that conceptual disagreement contributes to scientific inquiry.

Dr. Akagi’s Website

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