Faculty Publications


John V. Roach Honors College faculty are teacher/scholars, meaning scholarship is an important part of their job.

Here are some recent publications and presentations by Honors faculty:

  • Garnett, R. (2018). Knowledge, Class, and Economics: Marxism without Guarantees, co-edited with Theodore Burczak and Richard McIntyre, Routledge.


  • Garnett, R. (2019). “Smith after Samuelson: Care and Harm in a Socially Entangled World,” Forum for Social Economics, volume 48, number 2.


  • Gooding Jr., F. (2018). “It Takes a Nation of Millions: How to Freestyle a Hip-Hop Curriculum,” (with T. Mark Montoya) in Laura M. Jewett (Ed.), Critical Intersections in Contemporary Curriculum & Pedagogy, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


  • Gooding Jr., F. (2018). “On Average, What’s the Mean of Nice School Interactions?” in Angelina Castagno (Ed.), The Price of nice: How Niceness Perpetuates Emotional Inequality, Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.


  • Gooding Jr., F. (2018). American Dream Deferred: Black Federal Workers in Washington, D.C., 1941-1981, Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.


  • Hampton, L. (2018). “From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces: How Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Can Transform Institutions of Higher Learning.” Insights into Teaching and Learning.


  • Hampton, L. (2018). “Black and Brown Faces in White Academic Spaces.” Presented at the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education Conference in New Orleans, LA.


  • Hampton, L. (2018). ‘Meddler in the Middle’: Transforming the classroom context from a ‘safe space’ into a ‘brave space’. Keynote address presented at the Big 12 Teaching and Learning Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.


  • Ryder, A. (2018). “The Challenge for Transversality in Education Today: Preface.” Principles of Transversality in Globalization and Education. Ed. David R. Cole and Joff P. N. Bradley. Singapore: Springer.


  • Ryder, A. (2018). “‘The Function of Autonomy’: Félix Guattari and Revolutionary Marxism.” Salvage.


  • Ryder, A. (2018). “The Theory and Practice of Italian Workerism.” Review of Steven Wright, Storming Heaven: Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism. International Socialist Review: Quarterly Journal of Revolutionary Marxism.


  • Ryder, A. (2018). “A Turning Point for the Sandinistas: Nicaragua’s 1968.” Verso web article, 14 June.


  • Ryder, A. (2018). “Revisiting the Nicaraguan Revolution: Debate with Dan La Botz and Mike Gonzalez.” Historical Materialism web article.


  • Williams, D. (2018). “To the Woman Driving a Suburban Who Abandoned Her Dog in Oakmont Park,” “Birds Not of a Feather,” “The Worst Lies,” “Warnings to the Unclean Preacht at the Execution of Sarah Smith, August 25, 1698,” “My Father’s Poems,” poems published in Writing Texas 17.


  • Williams, D. (2019). Pillars of Salt: An Anthology of Early American Criminal Narratives of Early America, revised edition, Lamar University Press.


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