Prestigious Scholarships

The prestigious scholarships provide monetary awards and other types of assistance intended to support the graduate and undergraduate education of outstanding students. What these scholarships have in common is that they are recognized as among the most prestigious available and as such can have a dramatic, life-changing impact on the lives of the students who receive them.

Here you will find summary information about selected prestigious scholarships with links to their websites and deadlines. We want to make this site as useful as possible and welcome your comments and suggestions. Dr. Ron Pitcock, the Director of Prestigious Scholarships at TCU, is available to assist students in the preparation of applications and in the convening of mock interview panels, should this be necessary. He can be reached at 817.257.7125 or at

Prestigious Scholarships
The Fulbright Scholarship
The Gates Cambridge Scholarship
The Barry Goldwater Scholarship
The Marshall Scholarship
The Mitchell Scholarship
The Rhodes Scholarship
The Harry S. Truman Scholarship

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