Honors Abroad

Honors student Kendall Krumme visits the Bernese Alps of Switzerland on Cultural Routes 9.

Since the summer of 2009, John V. Roach Honors College students have participated in unique Honors Abroad trips. Students have traveled and studied the cultures of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, France, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. These learning experiences, designed for small groups of Honors students, fulfill the Honors curriculum requirements for Cultural Visions.

Through Honors Abroad trips, Honors students have the opportunity to interact with study abroad communities and to reflect and process their experiences as they cross cultures. Students are introduced to the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to become global citizens.

For more information about Honors Abroad global learning opportunities, see the Honors Abroad informative video, and for general questions about Honors Abroad (information sessions, applications, deposits, etc.), please email honors@tcu.edu.

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