Designing New Methods for Social Change

January 2023

How do we tackle the world’s “wicked problems”? Homelessness, food insecurity and human trafficking are just some of the ills plaguing our society. Neeley School of Business and John V. Roach Honors College faculty partner, Stacy Grau, Ph.D., saw an opportunity to create an interdisciplinary course challenging students to do just that. In her Honors […]

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Disneyland: Beyond the Magic

November 2022

Disneyland: Beyond the Magic by Texas Christian University on on Exposure

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Honors Students Level Up Their Knowledge as Museum Curators

November 2022

Wendi Sierra, Ph.D., associate professor of game studies, bridges her personal identity as an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin with her course “Video Games and Representation” — where students explore Native American representation in video games. Specifically, they learn about tropes, cultural inaccuracies, stereotypes and myths commonly used to portray Native Americans […]

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New Honors Course Challenges Students to “Read” City

October 2021

A brand-new Honors Colloquium, “City as Text: Fort Worth,” doesn’t require any physical or digital textbooks. Instead, Honors professors Wendy Williams and Frederick Gooding, Jr., who teach separate sections of the course, encourage their students to “read” the city of Fort Worth to understand it as they would any useful textbook. The City as Text […]

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Dr. Wendi Sierra prepares for an online semester with unique virtual experiences for her students

August 2020

Honors’ newest faculty member, Dr. Wendi Sierra, comes to TCU with multiple years of experience teaching online and feels ready for the fall semester. She designed her course, “Games and Learning” to provide students with a unique virtual experience that she hopes will keep them both enthused about and engaged in the material. Sierra plans […]

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