Tiffany Wang ’07 Uses Professor’s Lessons as Professor Now

Wang TiffanyDr. Tiffany Wang, a 2007 TCU graduate of both the John V. Roach Honors College, as well as the College of Communication, now works as an assistant professor of communication studies and basic course coordinator at the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama.

Wang looks back on her four years in the Honors College as a time of intellectual and personal growth. At first, Wang was nervous about her choice of major and was not sure how her degree would translate into a real-world job. However, starting classes, finding a mentor, as well as immersing herself in co-curricular activities helped her to challenge herself and push herself to be the best. She owes this to not only the “award-winning TCU faculty,” but also to the “vibrant group of student leaders” that surrounded her.

Throughout her years in the Honors College, Wang had the opportunity to collaborate with a faculty mentor to create original undergraduate research, and explore ideas that would help her become an engaged citizen in her future community.

Wang is easily able to apply what she has learned as an Honors College student to her daily life as a TCU alum. Founding Dean of the Honors College, Dr. Peggy W. Watson, served as a professor, advisor, and mentor to Wang. To this day, Wang uses the course that she took from Dr. Watson, “Nature of Society: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Spain to 1492,” as a standard that she attempts to achieve when teaching seminar courses at University of Montevallo. Dr. Watson was also the main reason Wang chose a profession in academia. If it wasn’t for Dr. Watson’s support and encouragement, she would not be on this career track.

Thanks to her involvement and participation in the Honors College, Wang has now received a Ph.D. in communication studies and works as a faculty member at small public liberal arts university in Alabama. She works to offer the students at University of Montevallo a “life-enriching ‘Honors College’ experience,” similar to the one she had at TCU. She also hopes to offer her students the same mentorship experience she was able to receive from Dr. Watson.

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