Merillat Flowers ’10 Leading Teacher Development

FlowersMerillat Flowers, a 2010 graduate from the John V. Roach Honors College, now works as the managing director of teacher leadership development for Teach for America in Nashville, Tennessee.

Flower attributes her original interest in the Honors College to her parents, both whom went to TCU and were also a part of the Honors College. They had an existing relationship with the Honors College dean, so she grew up with hopes of one day being a part of it all.

When Flowers was a freshman, the Milton Daniel Hall was not yet the Honors House, although many of her hallmates were part of the college. She felt that it was a fun community to be a part of and her fellow Honors College colleagues became some of her closest friends. In fact, four or five of her bridesmaids were from the Honors College. Many of her husband’s groomsmen were also in the Honors College at TCU. She loved that her colleagues were involved in various events and community affairs throughout TCU, which then encouraged her to follow their footsteps. She attributes a lot of her great experience to having to write an undergraduate thesis.

As managing director for Teach for America, Flowers is the team lead of 200 teachers in the Nashville area. She trains them before the process and supports each of them for two years after entering the program. The Honors College instilled Flowers with values of deep thinking and reflection. Many of her experiences in Honors tied to racial and economic equality in our country. This sparked a desire in Flowers to help better our country.

When asked what advice Flowers has for undergraduate students, she says, “Experiment and take risks, take as many leadership roles as possible. Take advantage of every opportunity.”

She said her campus involvement helped her later in her career. Flowers learned that failure is OK and moving on takes a lot of self-encouragement.

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