Meghana Moya ’08 Spicing Up the Business World

MoyaMeghana Moya, a 2008 TCU Honors graduate, used what she learned through her studies at TCU to recently launch her own subscription business, Spice Madam. While at TCU, Moya not only took business classes, but also honors physics and honors philosophy.

“Some of my favorite classroom moments were during group discussions with my fellow honors students who had many different, educated perspectives on issues,” Moya said.

Honors at TCU allowed Moya the opportunity to listen to distinguished speakers, take advanced classes and attend learning events that were made available to the students in the Honors program.

“My favorite part of the Honors College was the opportunity to enhance my learning experience in and beyond the classroom,” Moya said. “If you are a TCU student with an opportunity to join the Honors College at TCU, my advice to you is to jump at this chance to deeply enhance your learning experience!”

After graduation, Moya led operations and innovation for manufacturing and consumer products companies. After working with different companies over a six-year time span, Moya wanted to truly engage her passion of being an entrepreneur. About a year ago, Moya began her own business.

As an entrepreneur, Moya wanted to start a subscription spice business. If you subscribe to Spice Madam, you will get a box from a different country every month, with the spices, recipes, music and inspiration from that country, as well as opportunities to connect with our foodie community.

“I started this business because I observed a growing interest in trying food from around the world, yet people don’t have the time to go to several different stores to buy all the right spices, or may live in areas where they are not accessible,” Moya said. “What drives the passion for Spice Madam is seeing families and friends take time to cook together, re-connect and learn something about the world at the same time.”

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