Lindsay Davis ’10 Now Leading Leaders

LindsayDavisLindsay Davis graduated in May 2010 with double bachelor’s degrees in Entrepreneurial Management and Theatre. She now works as the Assistant Director of the Hunt Leadership Scholars Program at Southern Methodist University.

Lindsay started her freshman year in honors because she wanted a challenge and to push herself to her intellectual boundaries. Smaller class sizes and more in-depth class discussions were just one of the benefits of being an Honors College student. Lindsay learns best by talking through things, asking questions, and engaging; all of which were opportunities given to her in Honors’ classes.

There were a few moments from her senior year, like the Honors graduation, that have stuck with Lindsay to this day. Seeing the finished projects everyone had been working on for years wrapping up completed and submitted was exhilarating. The culmination of all the hard work was watching her peers being hooded by a faculty mentor.

One faculty member that greatly influenced Lindsay during her time here at TCU was Dr. Beata Jones. Dr. Jones encouraged Lindsay to think/dig deeper, pushed her to do her best and was always there for motivation and to keep her accountable for her actions.

Lindsay’s one “Aha” moment was when she was in Ancient Greek Traditions, Script Analysis in the Theatre Department, and an Honors ethics course in Neeley and realized that they were all connected. She said that because she was in Honors helped her to find the connections among all three disciplines.

Lindsay believes that her Honors classes helped her to learn how to dig deeper, examine problems more critically, and how to do a substantial amount of reading and writing. Because of all the reading and writing she found working on her thesis for graduate school much less intimidating.

Today, Lindsay finds herself using the skills she learned as an Honors College students in excelling at the requirements of her job which includes student affairs, recruiting, research initiatives and event planning.

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