Joshua Simpson ’13 From Honors to Google to Oxford

SimpsonJoshua Simpson, a 2013 graduate of the John V. Roach Honors College, is pursuing a graduate degree in Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford. After graduation, Simpson worked for Google as a member of their People Operations team.

Simpson is thankful for his experience in the Honors College as it helped make TCU a place of discussion and a place where he could debate and dream with others about the world. Simpson graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Entrepreneurship. When reflecting on his many Honors courses taken throughout his time at TCU, Dr. Ron Pitcock’s Cultural Memory course seemed to leave a lasting impact. Simpson remembers the Honors College “as a place of meeting—where [he] had breakfast with friends during finals week and where [he] had discussions with professors which would shape [his] life during and after college.”

Some of Simpson’s closest friends were fellow Honors students. He felt that being a part of the Honors College “brought people together in a way other colleges did not, perhaps because of the interdisciplinary nature of Honors.” His ability to have meaningful conversations with his peers was priceless during his college career.

Simpson says that writing his undergraduate thesis helped him discover his specialized interest in social entrepreneurship and poverty reduction, both of which are prevalent in his research at Oxford and various hobbies.

Simpson advises all undergraduates to think about the things that matter to them and spend time with friends and people who matter to them during their four years at TCU. He thinks students should “take academics seriously, but enjoy the university environment and the lifestyle it affords you, because it’s quite different from the life of a young professional.”

In addition to Simpson’s studies, he enjoys cycling and running. In 2014, he completed a 850-mile trek with his best friend form the Honors College. The proceeds benefited a village in Uganda. When asked his final reflections on his experience at TCU, Simpson said, “It’s rather difficult for me to image TCU without the Honors experience.”

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