Founders Award

John V. Roach Honors College Board of Visitors Founders Award

Nominations are now closed for the 2016 award.

Do you know someone who refused to accept the way things were and who made a positive difference in the world by doing things differently? Do you know of someone who has inspired and challenged students to reach their greatest potential? Do you know of a successful rancher, writer, doctor, attorney, athlete, or businessperson who not only has reached professional heights but also is committed to helping others? These illustrate the types of people we want to honor with our annual Founders Awards.

To be given each year – beginning in 2016 – by the Honors College Board of Visitors, the Founders Award will honor an individual whose achievements inspire us – and challenge us – to make a positive difference in our world. The award is open to an individual in any field or enterprise and at any stage in a career or life.

We seek nominees who, in their lives and work, exemplify critical and creative thinking, understanding and tolerance across cultures, and involvement with community – qualities that are central to the purposes of the John V. Roach Honors College.

Nominees should have an ongoing connection with TCU and the Honors College, and their lives and work should exemplify the Founders Award qualities and criteria.

We need your help!

First – think of people you know whose achievements have inspired and challenged you, and whose example would inspire and challenge others.

Second – send in a nomination by February 26, 2016 (nominations now closed). The nomination form is on the Honors College website at Just fill it out and click “submit.” If you’d prefer to send a printed nomination (or if you have questions), contact Renda Williams at the TCU Honors College office at (817) 257-7125 or by mail at TCU Honors College, TCU Box 297022, Fort Worth, Texas 76129.

The Award Committee of the Board of Visitors, with the help of students, faculty, and alumni, will review all nominations in the spring and announce the recipient in April. The recipient will be invited to campus early in the Fall 2016 Semester to be honored and to meet students and share experiences with them.

This new award serves several goals, all in keeping with the Board’s overall mission of supporting and strengthening the John V. Roach Honors College. The nomination process, by engaging a variety of audiences in our search for individual nominees whose lives and achievements reflect the essential tenets of the Honors College, will increase the overall visibility of the Honors College and can enhance connections among the Honors College, its current and former students, and the TCU community generally.

As the nomination documents and the Board’s work make clear, a nominee should be a person who inspires and challenges us to make a positive difference in our own work and whose leadership exemplifies engagement with the educational foundations of the Honors College and the values it seeks to nurture. A Committee composed of BOV leaders, faculty and current Honors College students will, during the Spring Semester, select that nominee who best meets the criteria set out in the Board’s resolution establishing this Award.

Members of the Award Committee for the 2015-2016 academic year are:

  • Kaity Butcher, Honors student
  • George Henderson, BOV member
  • Landon Hendrickson, Honors student
  • Sneha Popley, BOV member
  • Dr. Jim Register, BOV Member
  • Dr. Sarah Robbins, Honors acting dean, ex officio
  • Dr. Dan Williams, Honors faculty and current Honors Professor of the Year
  • Dr. Scott Williams, Modern Language Studies faculty and former Honors Professor of the Year
  • Renda Williams, Honors College Administrative Assistant

In future years, as part of the recognition, the Founders Award project will continue to bring the recipient to campus each fall to offer opportunities for current students (and alumni) to meet these individuals in settings that encourage direct, personal exchanges. Such meetings can inspire our current students, and alumni, to make their own meaningful contributions to society. And in doing all this, we believe the Founders Award will increase the stature of the Honors College at TCU and draw attention to the contributions the Honors College makes to the quality of education at TCU.

As the Board of Visitors considered establishing this award, we consciously looked back to the founding years of the Honors Program and the goals of Dr. Paul Wassenich and others who shaped the Honors Program. We also sought to connect the Founders Award to the purposes and goals of the Honors College today. With that background, we believe that a nominee should exemplify critical and creative thinking, understanding and tolerance, and involvement with community. And finally, although a nominee need not be graduate of TCU or the Honors College, there should be an ongoing connection with TCU and the College.

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