Classes Look at TCU’s Leadership for Book Project

August 2015

By Addy Kryger / School of Strategic Communication All who step foot on TCU’s campus immediately recognize the beauty and stature of what’s around them, but this wasn’t always the case. Over the past few decades the looks and leadership of TCU has changed immensely. From new chancellors to new buildings to new conferences, TCU is […]

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New Honors English Course Adds Meaning to College Life

August 2015

By Addy Kryger, Emily Castellanos, and Laura Cardno / School of Strategic Communication “Legally Blonde,” “22 Jump Street,” “Pitch Perfect”– all movies that provide incoming college students with fantasies about what the social aspect of college is like. They teach youth that Greek life is everything, that academics mean nothing, and that parties all day […]

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New Class and New Professor Explore the Power of Memory Formation

By Natalie Russell, Kirstinia Jurovich, and Olivia Thomas / School of Strategic Communication In “The Nature of Values: Memory and Erasure,” Professor Elisa Foster teaches her students proper examination techniques for the theme ‘Nature of Values’ and its connection to memory. They study the concept of memory historically and scientifically in addition to developing an understanding […]

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